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Meritor Part

Meritor Part

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Meritor Parts - The Meritor Company is a premier global supplier built upon one hundred years of custom of quality and service. Meritor specializes in integrated systems together with different modules and parts to the original machine makers and aftermarket equipment within the industrial and transportation trades.

Meritor values the needs of their customers to guarantee their success while priding itself in the company's unique energy and feels this output of energy to be their aggressive advantage in their international operations. Meritor begins with a tradition that values diversity of people and their broad thought processes. Operating in 19 countries and hiring over eleven thousand two hundred people, Meritor encourages innovation and collaboration amongst a team of knowledgeable experts.

By only employing future focused people, Meritor strongly thinks these top-caliber people will be able to quickly get used to to changing surroundings and exhibit the commitment and performance required so as to reach results in the competitive materials handling trade. The company empowers their teams to make sound business decisions so as to enhance the overall success of the business. In return, Meritor offers their workers various chances for personal and professional growth.

The Advanced Engineering team is on the forefront of components and system engineering. This consists of axles, drivelines, braking and suspension systems utilized for heavy duty and medium trucks, buses, military vehicles, trailers and off-highway vehicles. The Meritor Advanced Engineering team is developing. They started a new technical center in Bangalore, India in September 2009 in order to lead their advanced product development initiatives which represent the whole Asia Pacific region. This particular team is likewise responsible for supporting the requirements of all their worldwide engineering personnel.

Meritor's dynamic and customer focused Quality team is devoted to ensuring optimum processing at their aftermarket distribution facilities and production plants that are situated all over the globe in 19 countries and in 5 different continents.

They have their supplier network that is specifically situated so as to support the development of the business. Every regional team has internationally supported quality systems, initiatives and centralized in Materials Engineering and Six Sigma. Meritor's growing Six Sigma program encourages a data-driven, fact-based method to decision making within each and every part of the business. The DFSS or Design for Six Sigma ensures product reliability within each region. The team is also included transactional Green Belts who use Six Sigma tools to business processes and implement lean techniques.

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