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Hampton Forklift Parts - The city of Hampton, Virginia is located within the southeast part of the state and is considered an independent city since it is not part of any specific county. Situated on the southeastern end of the Virginia Peninsula, the city of Hampton is amongst the 7 main cities that comprise the Hampton Roads metropolitan area.

The city is located on the Hampton Roads Beltway. It is home to the HRBT or also known as the Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel which is located on Interstate 64. This particular bridge-tunnel serves as the gateway to Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean from the eastern USA and its tributary rivers. It was initially opened during 1957 and was the world's first bride-tunnel. This particular gateway is the United States' biggest ice-free harbor. The HRBT was expanded during the 1970s. Even today, this particular facility is the busiest and deepest in Virginia.

Hampton is considered one of the earliest settlements in the United States, as it can trace its earliest beginning back to the early 1600s. The town was a quiet trading post before the Civil War. In 1861, the area was part of the conflict, when the Confederate army burned the city of Hampton to the ground, trying to stop the take over of the town by the Union troops. Out of the remains left afterwards, former slaves who were under a degree of Union protection, constructed the Grand Contraband Camp. This particular camp was the first self-contained African American settlement within the country.

During 1952, Hampton received city status after a municipal consolidation. This consolidation resulted in Hampton incorporating the boundaries of an area previously called Elizabeth City County.

Hampton is a city with various activities to both see and do. There are numerous historical, cultural and recreational attractions. For example, The Virginia Air & Space Center is the official visitor center for the Langley Research Center of NASA. Tourists can enjoy a virtual reality video on the pioneers of flying in a state-of-the-art set up. They can likewise see the Command Capsule of Apollo 12 which went to the moon.

Hampton University is among the oldest African-American universities in the nation, and houses the Hampton University Museum. The Hampton University was originally the Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute. Their mission was to be able to educate black men and women who were set free and teach them trades and skills after the Civil War ended. Also, the site is the place where the Emancipation Proclamation was read by Lincoln and is called Emancipation Oak.

The Hampton History Museum, situated in the downtown core, provides the history of the city. There are numerous costumed interpreters their to re-enact exhibits, helping to give significance and context to the exhibits. One more popular attraction is the Casemate Museum located at Fort Monroe. This is the biggest stone fort ever to be made within the USA. The Museum is amongst the major attractions and chronicles the role of the Fort during the Civil War. It also contains the cell which imprisoned Jefferson Davis, the Confederate President.

The Charles H. Taylor Arts Center is a different downtown place, which was built in 1925. It serves as the cities public library for over sixty years. The structure has undergone major renovation and restoration. Now, it presents changing exhibits of the best national, local and regional artists.

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