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There are 2 main forklift fuel varieties and types that are mostly utilized in the marketplace: electric forklifts and IC or internal combustion forklifts.

The electric lift truck is usually used indoors away from the elements. These units are easier to operate in a confined warehouse space. They make no emissions which need to be vented or collected and are much quieter to operate.

On the other hand, IC forklifts are great in outdoor applications and are usually utilized in construction zones and external loading docks. These models are available with a lower upfront cost. Moreover, IC forklifts are faster to refuel compared to the electric models, as these need several hours of recharging time for their internal batteries.

If you have decided to select the IC route, the next decision you would face is what kind of fuel do you want to utilize to power your equipment? There are several newer hybrid models offered on the market, but the most common fuel types are diesel, gasoline or propane forklifts.

When choosing the right forklift for your business, it is a good idea to go over the pros and cons which a particular type of lift would bring to your company. For instance, would a propane lift be right for your particular business or application? Make time to read on to be able to know more.

The immense flexibility of the propane lift truck is one of their best advantages. They are the easiest and fastest units to refill which is a great thing to take into account as it significantly lessens downtime on your warehouse floor. Like for instance, electric lifts require hours to recharge and diesel lift trucks need a pump system and an on-site storage tank. On the other hand, propane cylinders require no cranes or lift to handle them and are fairly fast to swap out.

The biggest drawback of propane costs will likely be their ongoing expenses. The regular maintenance and repair costs will be more frequent with these models than diesel or gasoline lift trucks. Additionally, fuel costs are usually higher on propane units as composed to gas or diesel. It is vital to consider the fact that fuel expenses could really vary from place to place.

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