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Arlington County Forklift Parts - Arlington County, Virginia is situated on the south bank of the Potomac River within the northern portion of the state. The County is directly across the river from Washington, D.C.

It was more than 200 years ago, when the United States government had some land donated to them by the Commonwealth of Virginia. This land later became part of the new district capital. During the year 1801, the US Congress named the area Alexandria County and intended it as a subdivision of the District of Columbia. 45 years later, unresolved Congressional representation controversies and slavery problems forced the US Congress to return the land to Virginia. The county's name was eventually changed to Arlington.

Situated southeast of Arlington County is the City of Alexandria, that is a city which borders the county of Fairfax and the City of Falls Church to the southwest. The county of Arlington by total land area, is the smallest self-governing county in the country. There are no incorporated towns in its area of 67 km2. The United States Census Bureau includes the county of Arlington for statistical purposes as a municipality in the Washington Metropolitan Area.

Arlington County has one of the countries highest overall incomes. Because of its nearness to Washington, D.C. across the river; the county of Arlington is the head office of numerous federal government departments and agencies. The Pentagon, the Department of Defense, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the Air Force Office of Scientific Research and the United States Drug Enforcement Administration are all situated in the county of Arlington, along with various service industries, federal agencies and government contractors. The majority of office space in the Rosslyn-Ballston corridor is occupied by government agencies and contractors.

Other federal agencies headquartered within Arlington County comprise the National Science Foundation, Foreign Service Institute, Office of Naval Research, Transportation Security Administration, the United States Trade and Development Agency, United States Fish and Wildlife Service and the United States Marshals Service.

Arlington County attracts many visitors to its national memorials. The Pentagon Memorial, Arlington National Cemetery, the Marine Corps War Memorial and the United States Air Force Memorial are all located here.

There is a very low unemployment rate in Arlington, with a 2009 jobless rate of 4.2%. There are more than 200,000 jobs in the county. Over twenty five percent of these jobs are provided by federal, state or local government. Professional and technical jobs account for 19 percent, and accommodation, food and other services account for around 30% of jobs.

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