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Norfolk Forklift Parts - Norfolk, Virginia is the states second biggest city with a current population of more than 242,000 people. The City of Norfolk is the principal independent city and one of the oldest within the Hampton Roads metropolitan area, which includes eight other cities and seven counties. Hampton Roads is unusual when it comes to its political structure of independent cities. Norfolk is also the name of the big harbor at Chesapeake Bay's mouth, that lies towards the north of Norfolk. The City of Norfolk is partially bordered by water. To the west lies the Elizabeth River. Virginia Beach lies to the east and Chesapeake lies towards the south. The city of Norfolk is the urban center of the area - a cultural, financial, historic and military center.

Historically, Norfolk has always served as an essential military and transportation point. It is the head office of NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. The Norfolk Naval Base is the biggest naval base in the globe. Norfolk Southern Railway corporate head offices are situated here, as is Maersk Line, Limited, providing ship management and flag transportation. An extensive network of Interstate highways, tunnels and bridges links the City of Norfolk to the rest of the metro cities.

During the year 1619, the Virginia Colony governor established four incorporations, referred to as citties, which would form the basis for colonial representative government in the House of Burgesses, the continent's very first assembly of elected representatives of English colonists. The area that would later be called the City of Norfolk was put under the Elizabeth Cittie incorporation.

The City of Norfolk has an extensive amount of property along riverfront and bayfront. Waterways have an essential function within the local economy, providing arteries of trade for the transportation of goods across the Mid-Atlantic, Mid-West and globally. Chesapeake Bay's deep-water channels are a major trade artery and location for the United States Navy.

The metro area is a main military hub in addition to being a commercial and cultural hub. Norfolk is home to the Naval Station Norfolk, that is located on Sewell's Point Peninsula in Norfolk's northwest corner. In addition to being the headquarters of the United States Fleet Forces Command, the Station is the head office of the Allied Command Transformation and the United States Joint Forces Command, and home port for the Second Fleet. The fleet consists of 75 ships and 132 aircraft.

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