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Forklift Engines
Forklifts are classified as vehicles with small engines, the same class in which lawnmowers are classed. The engines of the forklifts all follow the principles of internal combustion. Various lift truck models and brand names would have varying engine design and layout. Forklifts are designed more toward generating high torque rather than for speed. They usually are geared to low speeds. The engine runs the forklift's drive wheels. The engine is also required to lift and lower the forks through a series of chain pulleys. Most modern forklift engines are powered by propane as they will be utilized indoors, where diesel and gasoline engines will be inappropriate due to the exhaust they create.

A four-cylinder engine-block is usually found in a lift truck. A lot similar to the engine in small automobiles, forklift engines have cylinders which contain pistons connecting to a camshaft. Each and every cylinder head consists of an exhaust hatch, a spark plug and an exhaust hatch, each of them one-way and spring-loaded.

Engine Function
Propane passes through the opened throttle-plate in a fine spray, when the operator starts up the engine of the forklift. This fine spray mixes with air that comes from the mass air intake prior to moving into the cylinder's head intake hatches. Every one of the four pistons is staggered to rise in an exact sequence, compressing the mixture of propane and air as every piston rises to the top of the head. With timing which is really precise, the engine's alternator and battery produce an electrical current that passes through the spark plug. The fuel ignites leading to an explosion which drives the piston back down to the bottom of the cylinder, causing a continuous turning of the camshaft. An air pressure imbalance in the cylinder causes the exhaust to be drawn out through the exhaust hatch when more fuel passes into the cylinder. Propane burns a lot cleaner compared to gasoline and diesel and the exhaust is not as harmful.

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Forklift Parts
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