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Forklift Basics
Forklifts are very versatile equipment. The machines are normally small vehicles with various attachments that enable it to move and lift loads. Warehouses and factories all around the globe would use forklifts. A forklift operator needs to acquire special training, specially since these kinds of equipment function on rear-wheel drive and this can be really difficult to get used to until one is familiar with it. As the forklift carries its load at the front, the center of gravity is always shifting and this results in the machine being frequently unstable.

The forklift operator would sit in the area called the "cat." Its an area protected by metal bars which stretch overhead like a roof. On the front of the machine, the mast is situated. The mast is the mechanism which lowers and raises the load with the use of hydraulic cylinders.

Forklift Parts
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Structural Parts
The overhead guard is part of the top portion of the forklift, whereas the foot guard separates the cabin from the load. A counterweight is situated at the forklift's back and is installed there in an effort to keep the equipment from falling over.

The blades and Apron
The load apron is typically responsible for keeping the load positioned correctly on the metal arms, or forks, cradle the cargo. The forks are capable to be tilted in an effort to balance the cargo. This is accomplished using the tilting ram and the hydraulic hoist arm which powers the upward movement of the fork.

The Lift Structure
The load apron guard extends over the apron. It works to keep the load balanced when the forks carry it along the track of the arms of the upright.

The forklift's internal engine enables power to be sent to the wheels of the machine. This is what makes the forklift move. The wheels have brakes installed so as to enable the driver the chance to stop or slow down the machine as needed.

Lifting loads is operated using hoist controls that are located in the cat. The forklift is driven by using the steering wheel to turn, like a truck or car.

Load Rating Plate
The specific safety rating plate is bolted inside of the cabin. This load rating plate details the weight restrictions for every particular kind of forklift.

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Forklift Parts
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